SC1 - Torah: A Messianic Perspective3
SC3 - The Gospels in Jewish Milieu3
SC5 - The Holy Writings3
SC6A - The Acts of the Apostles3
SC6B - The Acts of the Apostles3
SC7 - The Sermon on the Mount3
SC8 - The Pastoral Epistles3
SC9 - Book of Ephesians2
SC10 - Book of First John2
SC11 - Book of Revelation2

TH2 - Messianic Jewish Theology3
TH3 - Messianic Jewish Theology2
TH4 - Messianic Prophecy and Theology3
TH5A - The Kingdom of God3
TH5B - The Kingdom of God2
TH6 - Jewish Perspective on the Kingdom of God3
TH7 - Power of the Gospel3
TH8 - Messianic Jewish Apologetics3
TH9 - Inner Healing2
TH11 - Overview of the Messianic Jewish Movement0.5
TH12 - Replacement Theology1
TH13 - The Law of God2
TH13A - The Law of Messiah: New Covenant Mitzvot4
TH14 - Blood Covenants2
TH15 - The Glory of God & Yom Kippur1
TH16 - Systematic Theology3
TH16II - Systematic Theology II3
TH17 - New Covenant Jewish Life & Authority0.5
TH18 - Overview of Messianic Judaism1
TH19 - Faith3
TH20 - Jewish Roots3

Jewish Studies
JS1 - The Talmud & Messianic Judaism3
JS2 - The Messiah in Jewish Tradition2

HY1 - Survey of Church History1
HY2 - Ekklesia History 13
HY3 - Jewish History3
HY4 - Overview of Jewish History1
HY5 - Introduction to Old Covenant History3

Holy Spirit
HS1 - Prophets, Priests, & Outpouring1
HS2 - Israel, the Church, & the Last Days3
HS3 - The Prophetic Call of Messianic Judaism0.5
HS4 - The Gifts of the Spirit2
HS5 - Healing & Deliverance3
HS6 - I Am the Lord Your Healer3
HS7 - Freedom in the Spirit0.5

MN1 - Inner Healing2
MN2A - Homiletics: Foundations of Biblical Preaching3
MN2B - Homiletics: Foundations of Biblical Preaching3
MN3 - Evangelsim3

Study Methods
SM1 - Tools & Methodology of Biblical Research3
SM2 - Biblical Hermeneutics3
SM3 - How to Study God's Word3

IN1 - Giants of the Faith2
IN2 - Drawing Near to the Most High2

Prayer & Intercession
PR1 - Foundations of Prayer3
PR2 - Foundations of Intercession3
PR3 - Intercession2
PR4 - Spiritual Warfare2

LE1 - Spiritual Leadership2

Counseling & Discipleship
CD1 - Advanced Discipleship3
CD2 - Self-Confrontation6
CD3 - Caring for People God's Way I3
CD4 - Caring for People God's Way 23
CD5 - Caring for Kids God's way3
CD6 - Caring for Teens God's Way3
CD7 - Healthy Sexuality3
CD8 - Marriage Works3
CD9 - Stress & Trauma Care3
CD10 - Mastering Your Emotions1